I’m a product designer based in the mountains of North Carolina.

My Design Philosophy

These principles inform my process:

Elegant Simplicity

Distilling complexity into elegant solutions


Crafting intuitive experiences that are designed with empathy

Forward Thinking

Exploring emerging technologies to redefine creative possibilities

"David possesses a valuable skill set that blends project management, user experience design, and teaching. He has the wisdom and skill to deeply understand users and craft quality experiences, while also clearly articulating his decisions and keeping projects on track. He's got the focus of a musician, the vision of an artist, and the logic and curiosity to solve complex problems enthusiastically. David would be an asset to any team."

     ~ Emily Purewal • Principle Design Manager, Microsoft

In today's competitive landscape, design transcends aesthetic appeal, emerging as a pivotal strategic asset in branding.

~ printmag.com

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